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Accelerated Network Technologies (ANT@FIT) research group was formed in September 2009 by group of researches and PhD students at Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology. The group undertakes research into two topics - network security and acceleration of time critical network operations. The group focuses on a detection of various network anomalies related to misconfiguration, worm spreading, security breach or network usage policy violation. In parallel with network security, the group aims at acceleration of time-critical network operations. The group proposes novel algorithms and architectures for fast packet header analysis, packet classification, longest prefix match, pattern matching and flow cache management. Any improvement of these operations has direct impact to parameters and price of network devices and systems.

The research group also deals with design of devices and systems for network infrastructure, security and monitoring. In this area, we cooperate mainly with CESNET and Liberouter project and focus on system for high speed networks based on computer and acceleration cards, but we also design small size embedded systems with low power consumption and price.


Accelerated Network Technologies at FIT

Brno University of Technology

Božetěchova 2

612 66 Brno, Czech Republic

Email: korenek AT

The team is managed by Jan Korenek, who is a researcher at Brno University of Technology since 2003, leader of the hardware design group at Liberouter project since 2004 and is one of the founders of a successful spin-off company INVEA-TECH. The team members have substantial experience in the network field, which was obtained by working on a number of European projects (including 6NET IST-2001-32603, SCAMPI IST-2001-32404, GEANT2 No. 511082) and on a number of locally funded projects (CESNET MSM6383917201 and VUT MSM002163528). In these projects, FPGA technology was used for an acceleration of IPv6 protocol routing, network traffic monitoring, NetFlow statistic measurement and fast regular expression matching in packet payload. Network devices and probes are hardware accelerated using FPGA technology, therefore the probes can provide precise and detailed information about the network no matter of 1Gbps and 10Gbps speed.

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